I make a lot of handmade sterling silver jewelry. I invest a lot of time and money making my one of a kind creations. Like you probably know, there is nothing worse than having pieces ruined in a bad tumbler. This has happened to me using inferior products I have purchased to save money. That is how I discovered the Lortone 3A Single Barrel Tumbler that I swear by now. The Lortone tumbler has made the polishing and burnishing process easy with almost no work at all. I am amazed at how easy it is to use and how quiet the tumbler is compared to others I have used.

Like everyone else, I have made mistakes by purchasing products based on price and have ended up wishing I had spent the few extra dollars for a better product. This is so true for my tumbler experience. I have gone through several cheaper tumblers only realize that you truly get what you pay for. No disrespect to Harbor Fright, but I just wasted my money buying an inferior product and ruined my creations, time, labor and materials. It was a costly lesson.
Throughout the years I have used a number of tumblers and am so happy now that I have found the Lortone. They are the best that I have ever found of the many I have tried, besides a pin polisher of course, which is slightly different.
The features that make this tumbler stand out to me start with the easy to open container that is also easy to fll. Not only did I find the Lortone tumbler reliable and affordable, it was quiet. Unlike other tumblers I have used in the past, this one did not overheat. I have also had problems with the belts of other tumblers breaking and slipping which is so frustrating.
I’m a jewelry artisan. I need a tumbler to harden and polish my pieces. My jewelry comes out so shiny! I use a stainless steel shot mix I bought off Fire Mountain Gems and a small shot of dawn dish detergent together and it works great! I save so much time this way instead of spending hours polishing by hand and getting dirty. I could never get my jewelry as clean as my Lortone tumbler does by hand polishing. I can use soft wire in my designs and harden it during tumbling process. I only tumble a few things at a time so things will not get tangled.
My Lortone tumbler is the perfect size for my needs and it is very easy to store and transport which is a huge plus! The Lortone tumbler is very affordable, too at around $100. I have had no problems with mine. It is a real workhorse that I think will last me many years. Live and learn!