How to Become a Silversmith

What is a Silversmith? Silversmiths create unique silver items by combining their artistic talent and metalworking skills. As a trained silversmith, you can design and manufacture jewelry, repair and/or restore damaged silverware, or even appraise the market value of antiques. How Do I Become a Silversmith? One way is to go through an apprenticeship program, [...]

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The Best Types of Metal for Jewelry Making

Making jewelry starts as a hobby for many people and quickly turns into a profitable business for others because they learn to master metal techniques for making one-of-a-kind pieces. While it might seem like combining metals will be complicated with a questionable outcome, the truth is that you are one experimental piece away from mastering [...]

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Lortone Jewelry Tumbler Review

I make a lot of handmade sterling silver jewelry. I invest a lot of time and money making my one of a kind creations. Like you probably know, there is nothing worse than having pieces ruined in a bad tumbler. This has happened to me using inferior products I have purchased to save money. That is how [...]

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Creative Stonesetting Book Review

I've loved art all my life, and after drawing various sketches, making works of art with pastels and oils, origami, and various arts and crafts to decorate my home, I thought that I'd really like to learn to make jewelry. I was hesitant at first as I had no idea how to do everything, and [...]

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Homemade, Natural Ways to Patina Your Metal Jewelry

 Adding patina to a piece of metal can leave behind a stunning array of patterns and a rainbow of colors. However, is there an easy way to get patina on an otherwise ordinary piece of metal in order to turn it into breath-taking artwork without using harsh chemicals? Fortunately, causing a reaction on metal with [...]

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